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SINCE 1975 our backgrounds and experience have been in and around the metalworking industry - including not only the sale of machine tools, but industrial supplies as well. We are knowledgeable about the application of cutting tools, tooling and shop supplies. It's what we do - and we enjoy what we do!

We are also aware of and understand the importance of our customers needs when it comes to acquiring the right tool at the right time for the right price.

We represent premium high performance cutting tools and tooling for precision production machining as well as economically priced products for the shop or hobbyist that is more price conscious. 

Throughout our business careers, we have managed to build and maintain strong business relationships with not only our customers, but with some of the worlds leading cutting tool and tooling manufactures as well. For this reason we have mutually agreed to partner with them, representing their products in Idaho, Montana, and our surrounding market area.

Our intent and mission is to represent our supply partners in the best way possible. That includes making sure that our customers are well acquainted with the products we provide so that they are able to make more informed business decisions - and that those products are in stock and readily available when needed. We also offer a complimentary delivery service.

As a company, we will be known for Superior Products and Superior Customer Service.

Eclipse Tool & Supply

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