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Please define your current operation and machining values, providing us with as much detailed information about your operation as possible. Thank You

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Eclipse Tool & Supply represents top of the line, industry leading products that have proven time and again to be successful against the competition. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what our products can do for you and your business.

  1. Fill out the form and submit it
  2. ETS will supply the tool or tools to be tested. 
  3. If the tool performs, customer buys the tool, net 30 days from invoice date. If the tool does not perform we simply ask that the tool be returned (even if the tool breaks).
  4. Test tool report to be filed out and completed for our records.
  5. We cannot accept any tools back that have in anyway been modified by the customer.

** NOTE:  Depending on the test we may ask that a Purchase Order be issued for full purchase price of the test tool or tools. Items 2-5 above would still apply. For a credit to be issued, all returns must have a Returned Goods Authorization number assigned to them.

Please call  Patty or April  for assistance (208) 960-2169

Thank You