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Connect and make your big data pay off

In our rapidly changing digitalized society, the manufacturing industry has an opportunity to seize untapped opportunities to minimize time, resource, and data waste while becoming more profitable.

The CoroPlus® platform from Sandvik Coromant offers connected solutions that increase security and save time in design and planning. Connected tools and Internet of Things (IoT) devices enable you to monitor machining performance and make well-informed decisions on how to optimize machining processes. Cloud-based analytics and on-site systems allow you to make use of all the collected data in your machining operations.

Sandvik CoroPlus

What is the spindle mount on my lathe?

American Standard Spindle Nose Data


CNC Programming Assistance

A cutting tool can only perform as well as the CNC controller and software allow. Emuge’s state-of-the-art milling solutions for 5-axis machining center applications sometimes requires specialized programming. Emuge works closely with today’s leading CNC software companies to offer programming assistance and process recommendations to a wide spectrum of metalworking enterprises that can improve production.

Working directly with the customers CNC programmers and manufacturing engineers, whether tapping, drilling, thread milling, milling, Emuge tooling engineers can offer simple programming suggestions or actual program codes along with optimized tooling recommendations. Emuge will provide detailed reports with programming instructions and where applicable, actual sample test cuts with video documentation.

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Track and mark your tools

You can easily keep track of your tools through our marking options, and we can customize packing notes to suit your needs.

Tool identification

  • Laser engraving: A standardized marking system on your tools will reduce the risk of interruptions in your production line because of lost or misplaced tools. Our tools are always marked, but if you want to have your own codes on the products, we can do this with laser engraving before delivery. Laser engraving improves oversight and identification of tools in stock.

  • Packing note options: We can customize your packages with specific information on the packing notes. For instance, we can mark them with your products and order numbers, if you want the delivery adapted to your logistical setup. We can print a text on the packing note, if you like, for purposes of customs or product certification. We can arrange multiple packing notes inside and outside of boxes and packaging. Barcodes make it easy to identify the products and enter them into your own system.

Do you want to know more about marking tools for easier identification and customized packing notes? Please contact  Eclipse Tool & Supply (208) 960-2168  •



Matching the most suitable cutting tool material (grade) and insert geometry with the workpiece material to be machined is important for a trouble-free and productive machining process. Other parameters, such as cutting data, tool path, etc. are also vital for a successful result.

This chapter provides basic information about:

  • Cutting tool materials, such as cemented carbide, ceramics, CBN, PCD, etc.
  • Workpiece materials and classifications from a machinability point of view.

Sandvik Materials Introduction