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Inventory Management

Challenges with inventory control

Throughout our industry, problems with inventory control across the shop floor are common.

Discussions with customers have shown that:

• Operators spend up to 20 percent of their time searching for tools
• Sometimes tools cannot be identified or are not accessible
• Large amounts of stock end up obsolete
• Many wasted man hours are spent dealing with inventory

Stock-outs, high value inventory levels, hard to measure tool performance, and high cost of
processing orders are just some of the problems that result from inefficient inventory control.

The solution: Take control of your inventory

Access the right tool, at the right place, at the right time. Taking control of your inventory
will allow you to dramatically reduce stock and purchasing costs.

Controlling inventory is a major challenge. Having the right tools and right levels of
stock available are of critical importance. The ability to search for and find the right tools
quickly can increase operation efficiency, reduce machine downtime, and increase
your manufacturing speed.

We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

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